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Niggerhead-gate: Heritage not Hate?

October 5, 2011


I still believe this “#Niggerheadgate” will blow over before the next debate. This week has already seen more than its fair share of racial politics and strangely intertwined narratives. In a nut shell it goes something like – Rick Perry gets in trouble over a racial slur on his ranch, then fires back at Herman Cain for […]

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“Niggerhead”: A good Whitewashing?

October 3, 2011

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The Washington Post published a story suggesting that Governor Perry took little issue with an offensive slur etched into a stone near the entrance of his hunting camp. The now infamous “Niggerhead” has been painted over but the story has raised eyebrows including those of black conservative and GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain. Cain himself is barely […]

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Young Turks at the center of the Earth…Again

August 25, 2011


Once the home of the great Ottoman Empire and center of the Old World, Turkey is reemerging on the world stage as a regional power. Interestingly this natural bridge between Europe and the Middle East is a secular democracy with a population that’s 99.8% Muslim. Turkey has been experiencing a cultural renaissance of sorts, getting reacquainted with its Ottoman and […]

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That First Step – Citizens REunited

August 23, 2011


I’ve been wanting to restart my blog again for a while now. Many factors have led to my procrastination not excluding the hours berating pundits on cable news. I think my point of view is fair and balanced but not just because I say it is. I do my best to site my sources but […]

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