Niggerhead-gate: Heritage not Hate?

I still believe this “#Niggerheadgate” will blow over before the next debate. This week has already seen more than its fair share of racial politics and strangely intertwined narratives. In a nut shell it goes something like – Rick Perry gets in trouble over a racial slur on his ranch, then fires back at Herman Cain for questioning his sensitivity, meanwhile Hank Williams Jr. got kicked off Monday Night Football for calling Obama the enemy and comparing him to Hitler adding he “likes Herman Cain” who himself later backs off Perry. Here’s the deal, it does not benefit the Republican Party to have this issue out there. I expect at the most from any debate one question from the moderator but the candidates will wisely avoid any further comments.
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“Niggerhead”: A good Whitewashing?

The Washington Post published a story suggesting that Governor Perry took little issue with an offensive slur etched into a stone near the entrance of his hunting camp. The now infamous “Niggerhead” has been painted over but the story has raised eyebrows including those of black conservative and GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain. Cain himself is barely over his own racially tinged comment made last week, when he said blacks were “brainwashed” for their loyalty to Democrats. On Fox News Sunday Cain essentially backed that remark with an anecdote about his 999 plan but added he could get 30% of the black vote. When it came to the Rick Perry controversy he said:

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