Keystone XL: Pipeline to Employment?

I have been following the Keystone XL pipeline developments for over a year and we are coming to the end of the public input process. This week the State Department is holding the last round of hearings in Texas, Monday in Port Arthur and today in Austin at UT’s LBJ Library. The Sierra Club enlisted my help to raise awareness of the Keystone XL pipeline that is tapped to deliver Canadian tar sands to Port Arthur for refinement.  As an environmental organization I understand their position which is complete opposition to the pipeline.  Their concern for increased emissions have been met with flat out denials by industry. When I talked to local media in Southeast Texas for this story even they felt the conclusion was already drawn. We have seen this time again and when a project gets to this point its not going to be stopped but that doesn’t mean that the discussion should end. The question now is, “How do we ensure that the communities in Southeast Texas have every opportunity to benefit from the $20 Billion economic activity?

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State Department holds hearing on Keystone XL Pipeline but is Anyone Listening?

Major publications coast to coast are discussing the implications of the Keystone tarsands pipeline that will dead-end in Southeast Texas. Despite the national fervor the State Department will only hold hearings along the proposed route.  Texans have been granted 2 opportunities voice concerns, one in Austin and the other in Port Arthur. I am working alongside the Sierra Club and internationally recognized environmentalist Hilton Kelly to raise awareness of the health and economic impact the contents of this pipeline will have.  The community of Port Arthur has a long history with industry (including the incineration of VX nerve gas) and recently been plagued with high unemployment. Residents in this area are no strangers to harsh chemical smells or pipelines and from the lack of local dialogue, for or against the pipeline, it would seem they are blissfully unaware of whats happening right under their noses.

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UPDATE: Tar Sands Keystone XL

Ok, so I take off for my trip to Turkey with plans to blog (follow hashtag #YoungTurksTravel on twitter) and all of a sudden the Keystone pipeline becomes part of the national dialogue. Thanks to Gator for the kind words and link to my blog on this subject. I’ll have to make this quick as I am on a layover using limited free wifi in the Amsterdam airport, so please excuse any typos.
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Not so smooth…like Keystone XL

“It’s not the easiest thing on Earth for law-abiding folk to come to risk arrest,” –Bill McKibben Environmentalist/protest organizer

Born and raised in Southeast Texas I can attest that a new pipeline is hardly worthy of a headline. This is different, and even with a notable amount of national media attention it is still proving difficult to get the message across. I started on this campaign over a year ago when the State Dept. began holding hearings along the route of the pipeline. At the time several significant issues were brought to their attention including; strip mining in Alberta, chemical leaks to downstream communities, the proposed route’s passage over the Ogallala aquifer, the discrepancies between proposed job creation numbers and ultimately the impact on citizens living near refining sites like Port Arthur.
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