Ron Paul can upset Newt but what about the Iowa Caucus?

It only takes one click to “get the picture” of the current state of Rick Perry’s presidential campaign: Yep, its that bad. Even his own state’s Republican Congressional delegation have failed to endorse him.

On the other hand there’s the owner of Rick who happens to be another politician from Texas with the initials RP.  Looking at the latest polling its very possible Ron Paul could upset the Iowa Caucus. Unlike Newt he has a ground game of enthusiastic supporters.  He has thus so far also avoided the rise and fall of the other candidates and surely in no small part because the mainstream media has largely ignored him as a legitimate candidate.

Still a long shot I don’t expect Ron Paul to win the nomination but by the end of the Republican nominating process I think we will see a large opening for a 3rd party candidate in the general election.  Ron Paul hasn’t ruled out the possibility of being that person and neither has Donald Trump (fingers crossed).  One thing is certain- Ron Paul he is always on message and in this case that’s not good for Newt.


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