Rush Limbaugh said it first.

I could not help but comment on the above headline. It was displayed prominently by Drudge post-debate. What’s interesting is earlier in the day on his radio program Rush Limbaugh  said, “So their objective at CNN is going to be to make every one of these people look like an absolute wacko nutcase fruitcake.”

So Anderson Cooper will be blamed for the “catty” behavior between the candidates. Romney and Santorum got into a shouting match early in the debate and Romney again with Perry on immigration that actually led to him putting his hand on Perry’s shoulder.

Recap of the debate performance:

Mitt Romney –This is still Romney’s to lose and he will probably not see much of a bump from this debate. Republican primary voters know Mitt Romney and right they are “still in the market”. It will be interesting to see what happens when the field starts to thin out. Only then will be know how weak he really is. From the left-leaning room I watch the debate in, it didn’t seem like the wanted Romney to make it to the general election.

Rick Perry – Oh Brother First. he needs to stop referring to Herman Cain as “Brother” which he did twice during the debate. He also attempted to make Romney his target but Mitt was prepared and shot back every time with specific policy results of Perry as Governor. The debate was tough on Perry he needs to go after Obama directly so he can draw that “bright contrast” he mentioned. He must also expand his plan for jobs beyond the energy and oil industry. Even if this is ok in  a Republican primary it doesn’t help his perception as an oil and gas man from Texas.

Herman Cain-Apples and Oranges He is a branding machine, everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like a slogan and so “matter of fact”. Its great to keep it simple but if he wants to be taken seriously Cain needs to be more receptive to criticism. Everyone he disagrees with is not “wrong”. It may work as a CEO but being President will require working well with others.

Newt Gingrich – “Adult in the room”- At least thats what I think his message is. He is trying to play the role of the uniter. I haven’t heard him attack anyone else on stage and that makes me believe he may ne vying for the VP slot.

Michele Bachmann – She has failed to define her role in these debates. She gets a good oneliner per show but its not what she needs to turn her campaign around. She hasn’t raised the money she needs to remain competitive but she may still be banking on Iowa even while her numbers have slipped there since she won the Ames straw poll.

Ron Paul- Same as he ever was Ron Paul is without a doubt the most consistant candidate and regularly draws the most applause. He gets the most donations from service men and woman but dropped a bomb when he said our aid to Israel hurts them and makes them “dependent”.

Rick Santorum-  In the Bachmann camp, he is basically irrelevant at this point. The field is split too many ways for him to get the support he needs unless there were fewer candidates but I don’t think his funds will last that long.

I look forward to the next debate and hope it includes less familiar faces.


3 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh said it first.

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  1. Ron Paul’s message is consistent and seemingly forthright. How ever crazy he may sound there could be an upside to it. Ron Paul as President may not be such a bad idea. He is against making anything a law. So every bill would be vetoed forcing a 2/3’s vote on everything.Congress and the senate would have to work together to get any legislation passed to override the veto. Would they do that who knows. It doesn’t seem as POTUS Paul would have any allies in suggesting legislation so the legislative branch would have many obstacles to over come with Paul as President. I could be wrong.

    1. I agree actually, I think a Ron Paul presidency would be very interesting and yes finally Ds and Rswould have to stop fighting. I even heard Rush refer to Pauls budget plan as “draconian”. That says a lot.

  2. I TOTALLY agree with Ron Paul as prez! His point concerning Israel is dead on… Give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish he’ll eat for a lifetime. And, to add to that quote, guarantee a man a daily fish and he’ll demand 2. Welfare and free money absolutely hurts the entity receiving it. I do not believe we can be totally out of the picture with helping our allies, but we need to have a vision for them helping themselves, not us giving them their daily bread… eventually they won’t need us at that point!

    Santorum is by far out of this race, but he did have some interesting points too.. When asked about him only getting 1% he quickly fired back with the fact that he has and can again get the swing state of Penn.

    Romney has 20% +/- and will always have that… his only real supporters are the die hard middle of the road conservatives… the country club type. I think he would hurt this country worse than Obama would personally… a liberal Rep would kill the image of Rep’s fora very long time!

    Newt is a good candidate, but thats it… and we need a Great candidate! Props for him being an adult though.

    Bachmann just needs to back out I think… I like her and all, but she’s not going to get elected. Mostly, in my own opinion, because she’s a woman. I don’t care either way, as long as she would better our country. But there are those redneck backwoods people who would NEVER vote for a woman, period. therefore, unelectable in my opinion.

    Perry would still remain my 3rd choice. He is the most conservative and correct of the ‘electable’ candidates. He’s totally wrong on immigration, the vaccination thing (which he apologized for) as well as a few bone-headed things… but he does have a great track record in Texas… If he’d come around on a few issues he’d be a very great president i think.

    Cain… oh cain… What I saw of the debate last night he sounded like a complete idiot… First of all, if you are given hard facts and percentages that are not from other candidates but from the one hosting the event then its hard to say to everyone that “they’re wrong!”. He has no conception of multiple taxation, as Bachmann put it a value added tax… he kept saying that was not the case… but it is moron. If I a screw is taxed at 9%, then a transmission at 9%, then a car at 9% then you’ve paid that 9% tax three times… Granted, that is how our system in place currently works, but that doesn’t make it right… Not trying to be too harsh, but I just don’t like him for some reason… he doesn’t seem to have the experience to run a country, nor the fortitude.

    The only person that never gets invited to the debates who completely deserves to be there is Gary Johnson… he is probably my first choice (its a tight race between Ron Paul and him). He’s completely for getting the government out of our lives…

    As far as all of their tax plans, I haven’t really read into them. The simplest and most logical would be a fair tax… Eliminate the income tax system and go straight to a consumption based tax. The income tax isn’t even constitutional in my opinion… First of all it doesn’t specifically grant the power to tax based on income. Secondly it is discriminatory… you cannot treat anyone unfairly based on skin color, religion, sex, etc so why is it ok to treat citizens unfairly based on their income level??

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