Mitt Romney and the 7 Dwarves?

I Watched the GOP primary debate in awe that the Republican Party has yet to find atruly competitive conservative candidate to challenge Mitt Romney.  It was like watching an episode of surviver for most of the candidates as they desperately tried to play up their support and stand out from an overly crowded field. The debates may have too many bodys but they don’t have too many ideas. There is still room for a genuine challenger and as the over all weakness shows there is also still time.

This is why Herman Cain is still gaining buzz, he is the only candidate to actually release a tax plan and after this debate everyone will know its called “9-9-9”.  His strength is his ability to market his own brand but his weakness comes in an abrasiveness in defense of himself. This gives him a charm but one that will wear thin as a front runner. He still has time to define himself and realize he will need some diplomatic skills if he plans pass legislation.

The other presidential hopefuls began to aim their attacks at Cain’s plan to implement a sales tax, repeatedly referring to it as a new “pipeline of revenue” for the federal government. This lead into the absolute low moment of the night when Michele Bachmann continued:

…and theres one thing I would say is when you turn the 999 plan upside down the devil is in the details.

Michele Bachmann was always a long shot and her numbers have been falling fast even in Iowa where she recently won the Ames straw poll.  She needed something big and she made a joke out of her best opportunity. Its my guess she will hang in until she stops receiving invitations or if she loses the Iowa caucus February 6th.

Rick Perry was the major disappointment of the night. He struggled for relevancy the entire debate. When both the moderator and your opponents stop asking you tough questions you know you are in trouble. His most memorable exchange came when he attacked “Romneycare” and Romney responded with, “We have the lowest number of kids uninsured of any state in America…You have the highest.” He seemed somewhat blind-sided by this retort. It was stark contrast from the Rick Perry we are used to seeing in Texas annihilate his Democratic opponents. He tried to stay on message about jobs but he needs to look at how diverse the rest of the country’s economy is and realize that energy is not the solution everywhere. I would not be surprised if Rick Perry bowed out of future debates and campaigned hard in Iowa. The latest polls show him slipping behind but with time and money all things are possible.

for good measure, the stat I posted before the debate and Romney mentioned:


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