Class Warfare: Do we have to pick sides?

We are hearing a lot about “job creators” but what about “wealth creators”? Those are the many hands that perform the jobs and create the wealth that gets funneled to the top and fails to trickle down. It isn’t about over-taxation, its about labor costs and the American middle-class standard of living is just too high for the bottom line. There are short term solutions to the economic recession like rebuilding infrastructure; but the foundation of our new economy’s longterm growth will be small business. They are the most likely to hire during growth, less likely to layoff employees without exhausting all other options and they provide character and tradition to communities.

$1 = 1 vote We know government’s role is limited and business’ role is to make profits, so as the individual creators of demand and wealth we must begin to understand our role. To start, we must realize our power in the market. Every time we spend a dollar we give our endorsement to the recipient’s agenda. Similar to giving money to a candidate. If we thought of our daily spending as voting in this way people might realize a schism between their vote in the market place and their vote in the voting booth. This is a major source of voter fatigue. We vote for a candidate during an election expecting change but we support the opposition all year long by funding lobbying efforts and campaign contributions with our spending habits. We can begin to balance the power within our economy by circulating our money closer to home and with businesses that show a commitment to our communities. This is not anti-corporatism or isolationism but in the days of Citizens United we must be more aware of how we are spending our money or risk having our “voice” hijacked by the largest campaign contributor.

The Extremism fallacy If everyone woke up tomorrow and did just what they were supposed to (eat healthier, conserve energy, avoided using credit cards) our economy would go into shock.  This country is changing and there is something to be said for making a smooth transition. Unfortunately more and more in popular punditry we hear the problem lies with the moderates and those willing to make compromises. This is “the big lie”. Has moderation caused our obesity or diabetes epidemics or the sub-prime housing bubble? Think of how many times you compromise every single day with your family, friends, co-workers and people out in public. Why should we not expect the same from our political and economic leaders? We must believe in a way out of our economic troubles by working together with the people we see everyday and not trade the potential of our neighbors for ideology. The dot-com, the housing and financial busts have taught us we should not expect another “miracle” industry to grow us out of this recession. It will take investment in infrastructure and education at the local level. We will have to innovate our way out of it the same way we did the Great Depression.

La Snacks – Are We in Danger?


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