State Department holds hearing on Keystone XL Pipeline but is Anyone Listening?

Major publications coast to coast are discussing the implications of the Keystone tarsands pipeline that will dead-end in Southeast Texas. Despite the national fervor the State Department will only hold hearings along the proposed route.  Texans have been granted 2 opportunities voice concerns, one in Austin and the other in Port Arthur. I am working alongside the Sierra Club and internationally recognized environmentalist Hilton Kelly to raise awareness of the health and economic impact the contents of this pipeline will have.  The community of Port Arthur has a long history with industry (including the incineration of VX nerve gas) and recently been plagued with high unemployment. Residents in this area are no strangers to harsh chemical smells or pipelines and from the lack of local dialogue, for or against the pipeline, it would seem they are blissfully unaware of whats happening right under their noses.

Please share the facebook invitation and make plans to join us:

Monday, September 26, 2011
Bob Bowers Civic Center
3401 Cultural Center Drive
Port Arthur, Texas 77642
4:30 pm – 10:00 pm
This is my 3rd post in regards to the Keystone XL pipeline.
The 1st “Not so smooth…like Keystone XL” tackles the introduction and jobs claims,
The 2nd “
UPDATE: Tar Sands Keystone XL” covers the actual harmful effects of its refining.

Here are a list of notables who have weighed in from afar:

Nine winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.

Robert Redford (Op-Ed in Houston Chronicle)

Daryl Hannah (arrested at D.C. protest)

Houston Mayor Anise Parker (Letter to Secretary Clinton)

Cornell University (Study on false job claims by TransCanada)

Los Angeles Times

New York Times

Huffington Post


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