UPDATE: Tar Sands Keystone XL

Ok, so I take off for my trip to Turkey with plans to blog (follow hashtag #YoungTurksTravel on twitter) and all of a sudden the Keystone pipeline becomes part of the national dialogue. Thanks to Gator for the kind words and link to my blog on this subject. I’ll have to make this quick as I am on a layover using limited free wifi in the Amsterdam airport, so please excuse any typos.

I wanted to address 2 things very quickly:

1.) In the 36hrs of my post “Not so Smooth…Like Keystone” Daryl Hanna has been arrested for protesting the Keystone pipeline headed to Port Arthur from Alberta, Canada carrying tar sands raising the profile of this effort.

2.) I was a little disheartened by one comment I read in regards to my post about tar sands and its affect on Port Arthur. It wasn’t a particularly negative comment but it exposed one important detail I left off my original post/argument for pulling a NIMBY on this pipeline. So here it is…Tar sands are significantly dirtier, less efficient and harmful than traditional crude to those who happen to say – live next to a refinery. We also know just as the earth turns so pollution will travel to other communities less tolerant of peculiar smells and higher rates of respiratory illness. This is why even dictatorships are reluctant to use nukes when they will also bare the brunt of fallout.

The EPA “estimates that GHG emissions from Canadian tar sands crude would be approximately 82% greater than the average crude refined in the U.S.”

Tar Sands emit 10-45% more greenhouse gases than traditional crude.

So yes this will a have a very significant effect on citizens living around the refining sites of tar sands. As with any pipe the only jobs associated after its building is maintenance and clean up after spills. Incase you are wondering keystone 1 has leaked a reported 12 times in the first year of operation.


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